Luddy Strategic Plan

History of the Luddy School

The IU School of Informatics, founded in 2000, was the first of its kind in the United States. Today, as the IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, it continues to be completely unique in composition, intellectual breadth, and mission. With a twenty-first century sensibility, the Luddy School integrates computing, social science, and information systems design in unique ways.

There is no other school like the Luddy School: we are innovative, interdisciplinary, and multicampus. Luddy is a core school at Indiana University, meaning it is a single school in two locations: Bloomington and Indianapolis. The Bloomington campus houses departments of Informatics, Computer Science (founded in 1971 at IU and moved to Luddy in 2005), Information and Library Science (founded at IU in 1951 and moved to Luddy in 2013), and Intelligent Systems Engineering (founded in 2016). The Indianapolis campus houses departments of BioHealth Informatics (founded in 2013), Human-Centered Computing (founded in 2013), Library and Information Science (founded in 1964 and moved to Luddy in 2013), as well as the Polis Center (founded in 1989 and moved to Luddy in 2020).

Indiana University is currently going through major changes, with promises to double research expenditures and grow the faculty by 100 in Bloomington alone. Luddy will be at the center of these changes. With the dissolution of IUPUI, Luddy at Indy will absorb the demand for information, computing, and engineering degrees. A new department of Computer Science was founded this year (2023), and we are making plans to expand the scope of our other departments into new areas.

The time has never been better, because the opportunity has never been greater. By aligning our strategic priorities and moving in a shared direction, we can become an even greater force for socially responsible technical innovation. We can inspire and equip the next generation and make Luddy the place known for having the brightest minds and boldest ideas in STEM.

Image of Dean Joanna Mullunchick standing in front of Sample Gates wearing a blue blazer and a white t-shirt that says Indiana Hoosiers in red on it. She look to the right of the image towards the main text.

Dean’s Message

The world is moving incredibly fast. We all know this, but few truly comprehend the magnitude and speed. New challenges and opportunities continually emerge. We pursue technical excellence for positive societal impact and embrace our task to strengthen and expand our core school identity. From advances in Artificial Intelligence to new prospects in microelectronics, biomedical, and health engineering, we unite diverse intellectual traditions to deliver technical excellence that impacts society in massive, meaningful ways.

When you look around Luddy, it’s hard not to be humbled by what you’ll find. There is no school like ours. It is home to historians and archivists, social scientists and cognitive psychologists—people driven to make the world better and smarter than they found it. We are trailblazers in emerging media, driving greater equity and stronger ethics for public news and information. We design cutting-edge technologies, including apps, robots and devices that change lives and make everyday life better. And unlike others, we don’t stop at hardware and software. We advance the quality and integrity of data and information because we understand technologies are only as powerful and purposeful as what’s underneath. 

Our uniquely multidisciplinary nature and twenty-first century sensibility gives us the upper hand as we inspire a new and more inclusive approach of teaching and researching. Together— as humanists, historians, social scientists, engineers, and computer scientists—we’re redefining technology and innovation by keeping humanity firmly at the center of everything we do.

But the big question is always, “Where to next?” The answer is in this strategic plan. We look forward to putting this plan into action and making the Luddy School a remarkable thought leader for society-centered scientific and technological innovation. There are incredible opportunities waiting to be seized and more impact waiting to be made.

Let’s make that impact together.

IU Trident LogoJoanna Millunchick
Dean and Professor of Intelligent Systems Engineering
Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission

Across a broad range of applications, we unite the full breadth of computing, information science, and technology to lead education and research forward, and enhance the well-being of humanity.

Our vision

To be an unstoppable force for society-centered scientific and technological innovation.

Our values

The following fundamental principles guide our actions as we pursue technical excellence for positive societal impact:

Society-centered science and technology We keep humanity firmly at the center of our approach and understand the human benefits and consequences of our work.

Thought leadership We strive to become national thought leaders and advance the thinking and understanding of our disciplines.

Excellence and integrity We hold ourselves to the highest standards of scholarly principles and distinction.

Belongingness We proactively address barriers to create inclusive experiences and promote systems where everyone has an equal chance at success.

Teamwork and transparency We enhance collaboration knowing that our whole is more impactful than its parts.

Two students work on the Amatrea sculpture.

Stakeholder Engagements

12departmental focus groups convened

392IU students and alumni surveyed for insights

258students and alumni from peer institutions across the country surveyed

53industry partners and community-based organizations involved

Student success and opportunity

Luddy commits to setting the gold standard in teaching and learning. We embrace a culture of technical excellence and will continuously improve our teaching to meet the evolving needs of society. We will provide a diverse student population with opportunities to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges and ensure every student’s success is our success.

Transformative research and creativity

Luddy will pursue innovative and transformative research and creative activity as a crucial societal and economic outcome of academic excellence. We will draw upon and integrate the strengths of our unique array of socio-technical disciplines to propel societal goals.

Service to our state and beyond

Luddy will leverage its expertise and capabilities to serve communities across our state, improving the lives of Hoosiers, strengthening cultural and economic vitality, and pursuing innovation and knowledge that improve the human condition.

School culture and operations

Luddy will strengthen the ways we work and collaborate with one another, as well as the underlying systems and structures that support us, to ensure the conditions for our success.

Goals and Strategies

Set the standard in teaching and learning.
  • Drive continuous curricular improvements to ensure Luddy courses and programs are relevant and reflective of the most current research, practices, and societal needs.
  • Foster a culture of excellence in teaching through expanded professional development, recognition, and communities of practice.
  • Strengthen instructional delivery by increasing the use of scholarly teaching and evidence-based teaching practices within Luddy classrooms.
  • Establish equitable and evidence-based evaluation of instructional effectiveness and link to continuous improvement efforts.
A female student in a dark room is sitting at a deck in front of a keyboard and two monitors. She is adjusting a dial on a specialized computer board while looking at one of the monitors.
Recruit and prepare students to succeed and become leaders in their field.
  • Significantly grow Luddy’s student pipeline through enhanced marketing, outreach, and recruitment efforts.
  • Proactively address barriers to student access, participation, and success in Luddy programs including through the introduction of new on-ramps, offerings, and pedagogies.
  • Create and implement a signature Luddy student experience.
  • Expand opportunities for Luddy students to apply classroom learnings to real-world problems.
  • Improve systems and practices for tracking and promoting the success of all students.
Build and support diversity within Luddy.
  • Build interest within diverse student populations for Luddy programs and careers through innovative partnerships and outreach efforts.
  • Strengthen recruitment and scholarship offerings to ensure an inclusive population of students.
  • Deepen student engagement and belonging within the Luddy community to  enhance student success, professional development, and long-term connection.

Goals and Strategies

Amplify Luddy's current areas of excellence with a prioritized focus on those that emphasize socio-technical advancement.
  • Build awareness for Luddy research programs and the accomplishments of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Recruit, foster, and retain outstanding research talent in support of Luddy priorities and IU’s Faculty 100 effort.
  • Diversify and grow extramural funding across all areas of excellence.
  • Encourage research and creative activity that yields disclosure and licensing of inventions, and expanded partnerships with industry, academic peers, and other key constituencies.
  • Deepen community-engaged research in direct collaboration with Hoosier communities.
A female students smiles from the camera as she poses with a robotic arm attachment on her right arm.
Invest in the development of new strategic growth areas.
  • Build out new areas of research focused on emerging areas of need, such as microelectronics, robotics, health, and medical engineering and informatics, artificial intelligence, information-based engineering, and society.
  • Recruit and develop outstanding research talent in new areas of strategic growth.
  • Establish a supportive growth environment, including funding and project management supports.
  • Develop mechanisms for identifying new areas in which to invest.
Strengthen the research support infrastructure to increase productivity and build cross-unit collaboration.
  • Align and strengthen administrative resources and processes.
  • Proactively address barriers that hinder productivity and collaboration.
  • Reward and recognize high performance in a variety of research and creative contexts.

Goals and Strategies

Serve as a thought leader in fostering technical excellence for societal impact.
  • Build recognition as the leading experts in socio-technical topics.
  • Scale the reach and impact of Luddy’s areas of excellence to positively impact our community.
Create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Expand opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills within a real-world context through Luddy ALIGN and other programs.
  • Support faculty and staff in bringing the world into the classroom and laboratory.
  • Advance efforts for faculty, staff and students to innovate, incubate, and accelerate small business enterprises and nonprofits.
Strengthen Indiana’s future P-12 STEM pipeline.
  • Expand our Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce (iDEW) outreach programs to build and diversify the STEM pipeline. 
  • Serve as a leading partner to P-12 educators through support for high school pathways (like iDEW), continued leadership to supply P-12 educators, and support for advanced teacher-education programs.
  • Build streamlined opportunities at Luddy for diverse and talented graduates of our P-12 pipeline.
A student in a full, black body suit faces away from the camera. They are wearing a blue helmet that has wires coming from it and a large belt on their waist with battery packs and wires.

Goals and Strategies

Develop a signature Luddy culture.
  • Strengthen internal engagement efforts among faculty, staff, students, and alumni to build school pride, unity, respect, and belonging.
  • Enhance school-wide communication processes, ensuring faculty, staff, and students are empowered with the information and resources to be successful.
  • Establish formalized reward and recognition structures to reinforce Luddy culture and values.
  • Encourage integration across Luddy’s education, research, and service work.
A hallway at the Indianapolis campus with desks along one side and an assortment of students sitting at them doing work.
Promote diversity and continuous development.
  • Recruit, retain and develop diverse faculty and staff through inclusive and equitable practices.
  • Ensure all aspects of diversity are embraced in our community as essential to our school’s core values and guiding principles.
  • Establish formalized onboarding and professional development pathways to foster faculty and staff development and growth at all stages and ranks.
  • Institute incentives and rewards to encourage sustained contributions to our mission, leadership in our school and beyond, and embodiment of our values.
Strengthen internal systems and capabilities.
  • Enhance internal processes and operations to foster transparency and equity.
  • Improve data access and quality to support performance and continuous improvement.
  • Invest in resources such as core technology, operations systems, space, and personnel to support growth in research and teaching.


The IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering is grateful for the many individuals who invested time, insight, and energy into the development of this strategic plan. Our sincerest thanks goes to each member of our student body, staff, faculty, and alumni who have contributed to the plan, and especially to those on our Steering Committee for their considerable role in this endeavor.